maandag 4 juli 2011

My Syma S107 Speed Mod BLOG

In this blog I'll show you what I did to my Syma S107 to increase speed and decrease weight.
This is my Syma S107, you'll see everything is painted black.

My Syma S107 - 39g - Black - Several upgrades
Loose some weight!

The best things you can do to decrease the weight is to remove the un-nessasary parts.
- Remove the tail decorations
- Rip off the landing gear (as you can see)

You could remove the weights out of the flybar. I tried but it doesn't help that much and the helicopter is unstable and out of balance. We call it the 'tea bowl effect'.

Removed parts including spare blades

Incredible speeds

What we all want to know: how to increase the forward (FF) speed on the S107?

I'll show you what I did:

1. Upgraded tailmotor
You can see the upgraded tailmotor is a fat one. It brings a lot more power. I got it from eBay for almost nothing. I used tape cause it won't fit the original hole.

Left: original - Right: Upgraded tailmotor

2. Battery position
To increase the forward speed just make sure the battery is placed as much forward as possible. Battery upgrades don't work in my opinion. Just use the original battery but make sure it is in the right position!(max. forward)

3. Bend the tail
The helicopter it much more stable now. With full forward it justs shoots away. Not really nessesary but it looks cool and makes the heli much more fly-a-ble.

Feel free to post your Syma S107 mods.

Video added soon